Service Times

8:00 am - Holy Eucharist Rite I - Chapel of the Cross
10:30 am - Holy Eucharist Rite II - Sanctuary

12:00 pm - Noonday Service  - Chapel of the Cross

Welcome to St. Philip's!

Welcome to the St. Philip’s Church family. A gathering of Christians committed to giving witness to God and community since 1741, here is our mission and a profile of who we are — hopefully with you among us!

The mission of St. Philip's is to bring Christ to life in our lives and minister to the world in His name. The vision for St. Philip's is to grow: in unity, in diversity and in the Spirit of Christ. Read More
Renewal Works Inventory

Spiritual Life Inventory

Below is the live on-line link to the Spiritual Life Inventory St Philip's Church, Southport NC:

 Just click on the link above to be connected to the Spiritual Life Inventory.

We suggest that you set aside about 20-30 minutes to complete the inventory. We recognize that your time is valuable and it is important to note that once you start the inventory you must complete it - it is not possible to take part of the inventory and resume at later time. Due to the subject matter, it is intended to be completed in one sitting.

All completed surveys are due by Sunday, Feb. 18th.

If you do not have internet, need help connecting to the inventory or you do not have a computer,come into the church office and we will assist you.

For those who prefer to take the inventory “on paper”, please contact  the Church office.

Thank you for participating in this program.

Groundbreaking Research on Episcopal Spiritual Vitality


St. Philip’s joins 200 congregations and 12,000 Episcopalians in the RenewalWorks ministry to focus on spiritual vitality and foster a culture of discipleship.  “We have learned that there is great spiritual hunger among Episcopalians,” says RenewalWorks director, the Rev. Jay Sidebotham.

As reported by the online publication Episcopal Café, a research summary of spiritual life in the Episcopal Church has defined four stages of spiritual growth and practices. Among key findings from RenewalWorks inventories:

  • “Exploring Christians” – 18% of Episcopalians are searching or new Christians, but also some people who have attended church for decades.
  • “Growing Christians” – 55% of Episcopalians have committed to their spiritual growth.
  •  “Deepening Christians” – 23% can articulate a personal relationship with God; their life bears significant marks of their faith.
  • “Christ-Centered” - for 4% of Episcopalians, a personal relationship with God in Christ is the most important relationship in their lives.

The spiritual inventory we are now completing will indicate where St. Philip’s aligns on those measures and how the Faith Formation Ministry can best help nurture our spiritual health.

For more news on RenewalWorks findings, watch this space next week. Your inventory will help shape future data!