The main church, or Sanctuary, at St. Philip's Church was built about 10 years ago to accommodate our growing congregation.  The Sanctuary has seating for over 200 worshipers, including a balcony that looks over the main worship space. The stained glass windows, donated by parishioners, allow light to stream into the worship space. One window depicting baptism,and the other depicting confirmation frame the main altar in the worship space. 


Chapel of the Cross

Our Historic Chapel of the Cross is open 24/7 for prayer and mediation.  It is a wonderful space with natural light streaming in through the many windows.  This inviting and simple space was used as the main worship space at St. Philip's until the new Sanctuary was completed.  It's wooden benches and paneled walls add to the charm of the space.  Many people experience a feeling of peace and the presence of God as they enter, whether for silent prayer and meditation or for a service.