ALTAR GUILD - This dedicated group of parishioners prepares the altar for services and maintains the beautiful vessels used during Eucharist.  If you would like to join the Altar Guild contact Janet Wester or Kate Singely  for more information.

FLOWER GUILD - St. Philip's Flower Guild prepares amazingly beautiful altar flower arrangements for the Main Sanctuary as well as the Chapel of the Cross.  For more information on how to become a part of this wonderful ministry contact Jan Fairly , Julie Harrelson or Debbie Raker for more information about how to get involved.  Training is available! 

WORSHIP PARTICIPATION - We welcome parishioners who would like to become more involved in the liturgy. If you are interested in becoming a Lay Reader (read aloud the appointed lessons for the day), a Lay Eucharistic Minister (vest {wear an alb} and assist at the altar), an Acolyte (can be young or "young at heart"),an Usher (welcome people to church and assist in the smooth running of the service), or a Lay Eucharistic Visitor (take consecrated Eucharist to parishioners who can not attend church), you are encouraged to get more involved. You are welcome to contact the office for further information about training and licensing (as needed). 


The choir at St. Philip's is a wonderful addition to our worship each week.  If you would like to get involved contact Debbie Skillman by leaving a message at the parish office 910-457-5643 for more information. Here a two examples of our choirs' particiation:

  • 40th Anniversary Celebration for Debbie Skillman
    The Choir of St. Philip's Church celebrated the 40th anniversary of Mrs. Debbie Skillman as organist and choirmaster at St. Philip's Church.  The choir commissioned a special worked inspired by Mrs. Skillman's inspirational departing phrase "Make a Joyful Noise" as the choir exits the choir room each week to sing at the 10:30 service. It was a wonderful (and surprise) gift from a loving choir to their adored choirmaster.  Such Joy!

    Tenebrae from the Latin means “darkness”. The service of Tenebrae has origins in the church dating back to the eighth century and commemorates the final hours of Jesus life on earth. The tone of the service is one of deep and solemn meditation. The Tenebrae service includes the Solemn reproaches of the cross which have their origins in the Good Friday liturgy of the Latin Church. During the service, light is gradually extinguished to symbolize the dimming of the light of the world as Christ departs from it.

    St. Philip’s offers choral Tenebrae on the Wednesday evening of Holy Week. 



ST. PHILIP'S MINISTRY TO CARILLON ASSITED LIVING : In early 2010, Deacon Henrietta Williams of St. Philip’s started a monthly Morning Prayer meeting at Carillon.  Requests by the residents for a communion service and more frequent services has led to the current schedule of a service every Sunday at 9:30 am to 10:00 am with communion once a month.  Attendance has been running between 8 and 14 people each Sunday. The services are informal, led by a St. Philip’s volunteer, and there is a printed service program, including hymns, for all the attendees.  Music, either piano players for the hymns, an instrument to accompany or a singer are also St. Philip’s volunteers.  For more information on this most rewarding ministry contact Loraine Armstrong.

Last Published: January 29, 2020 12:39 PM