Welcome to St. Philip's!

Where is the church located?
We are located at 205 East Moore Street in Southport.  Our telephone number is 910-457-5643. 

What to expect when you visit
We want your first visit to our Church to be a warm and welcoming experience, and one way to do that, is to tell you what to expect.

What time are the services?
There are two services at St. Philip's in Southport each Sunday (8:00 am and 10:00 am).  During the summer months we host an informal Rite II service at 9:00 am in Register Park on Oak Island.  When our campus is back to normal, Nursery is provided each Sunday from 10:00 AM-Noon.  For our current service schedule click here.  

We also offer a mid week service each Wednesday at 12:00 PM in the Chapel of the Cross.  A wonderful way to get a "pick me up" during the week.  

What should I expect when I get inside?
As you enter the doors to the Narthex, an Usher will hand you a worship booklet.  This booklet contains all the service information.  If you aren't sure of something, just watch to see what those around you do.

Where do I sit?
You can sit anywhere that you feel comfortable.  If it's crowded, the Ushers will help you find a seat.  If you arrive once the service has begun, an Usher will be happy to assist you to a seat. 

Immediately following the service, you are invited to take time for a "coffee moment."  See and greet old and new friends. 

How to take Communion
All baptized Christians are welcome at the Lord's Table.  Come forward to the Altar Rail as the Ushers direct you and take the next available place.  You may kneel or stand, though the custom for most of our parishioners is to kneel.  Receive the communion bread from the Priest in your open right palm.  You may then take the bread to your mouth, or, if you wish to receive by intinction (dipping), place the communion bread between the thumb and index finger of your right hand and hold the bread over your open left palm.  This signals the Chalice Bearer to allow you to intinct the wafer into the wine in the intinction insert in the chalice.  You may also choose to receive the wine directly from the chalice by gently guiding it to your lips as the Chalice Bearer presents it to you.  If you choose not to receive the wine, simply cross your arms across your chest after you have received the wafer.  The Church has long held that the Sacrament is effectual even when only one of the elements is received.  Please return to your pew as soon as the next person has received the wine.  If it is physically difficult for you to come to the Altar Rail, please indicate this to an Usher and a Priest will bring Communion to you where you are seated.  If you are wearing lipstick, please blot your lips well before you receive the chalice, or you may receive by intinction. 

Receiving a Blessing
If you, or your child(ren), would like to receive a blessing from a Priest at the Altar Rail, come forward just as you would to receive Communion and cross your arms across your chest, and/or instruct your child(ren) to do the same.

Membership Information
The process of becoming a member of St. Philip's begins by filling out a Visitor Card (found in the pew rack).  Place the card in the offering plate, and we will be in touch with you in the next few days to let you know more about our Parish family. You can also contact the office directly for mor information at 910-457-5643. We would be delighted to have you!!!

Adult Confirmation Classes
For more information about our Adult Confirmation Class, contact the Parish Office at 910-457-5643.

For Quick Reference:
Adult Study: Each Sunday adult Faith Forum classes are held in the Sanctuary and/or the Parish Hall at 9:05 AM.  These session are led by Rev'd Eric Mills, Mother Lisa Erdeljon or Deacon Pam Hayes.  There is an opportunity for questions from parishioners.  

Bishop’s Visitation: This usually occurs once a year, at which time the Bishop will lead our worship and also administer one or more of the following: Confirmation, Reception from another communion, or the reaffirmation of the vows made at the Baptism.

Entering into Membership: At your request, we will contact your former congregation for a Letter of Transfer.

Newsletter: Each week announcements are shared by the VPOD (Vestry Person of the Day) during the service.  The St. Philip's E-News is a weekly electronic communication sent to members who request it.  If you would like to be added to the E-News list, please contact the church office.

Contact Information

Please contact the church office for further information.

910-457-5643   or info@stphilipschurch.org