Parish finances begin and end with stewardship. All that we have belongs to God and is entrusted to us to use for God's purposes.  So, first, members of the parish give to the church in stewardship of their possessions, and, then, the vestry uses those offerings in good stewardship of what is given. 

Stewardship Sunday is that day, usually in October, when parishioners "pledge" how they will help to support God's mission in their church with their time, talent and treasure.  This pledge allows the vestry to plan for the future year based on the anticipated contributions.  Pledging is private and confidential and should be done after deliberate prayer and meditation. 

Ideally our budget should be met by pledging by the members of the church.  Therefore it is in the best interest all parishioners to identify a goal that they can commit to that will enable the church to determine its financial path for the coming year as well as years to come.