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A letter from the Senior Warden:

Dear Congregation,

It is with a great deal of pleasure that the Vestry announces the Discernment Committee that has been appointed to begin the search for a new Priest for St. Philips. Their first meeting is scheduled for mid-January when they will meet with Cannon Matt Stockard to receive their charge from the Vestry. They are a very competent group and will be in touch with you all to gather input as to what you might wish to see in a new Priest.

The Discernment Committee is composed of the following:

Bob Wright, Chair  Mike Chase
Debbie Evans Bobbie Fuchs
Liz Halbert Jim Paxton
Fallon Pearce Dana Richardson
Janet Wester  

We are blessed that these men and women have agreed to take on this task. We will have them in our prayers as they begin this process.

I wish you all a very special and peaceful Advent as we wait for the coming of the Christ Child.


Ruth D. Smith, Senior Warden +


Use the links below for detailed descriptions of the ongoing progress of the Discernment Committee.

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Last Published: February 22, 2018 3:54 PM