Clergy and Staff


Fr. Eric

The Reverend Eric Mills 


The Rev. Deacon Pamela Hayes


The Rev. Deacon Sally Learned


Ricky Evans


Lorraine Beamer

Parish Administrator

Betty Rupp
Administrative Assistant

Debbie Skillman

Choir Director

Karla Platt
Karla Platt

St. Philip's Vestry


Bill Carney - Senior Warden                                                                                                                            Maitland Barnes - Junior Warden 

Margaret Bearden - Clerk

Bob Fuchs - Treasurer

 2018 - 2020                                                      Maitland Barnes                                                    Bill Carney                                                             Paul Miller                                                          Harry Singley

2019 - 2021                                                            Debbie Evans                                                        Tom Griffin                                                                  Liz Halbert                                                      Deborah Jordan

2020 - 2022                                                            Mike Chase                                                            Dave Ham                                                                    Holly Meiners                                                      Steve Russell

Contact Information

 Please contact the church office for further information.

 910-457-5643 or

Vestry Nominations are being accepted

Is the Holy Spirit Calling you to be a member of St. Philip's Vestry?  The outgoing vestry members (Bill Carney, Maitland Barnes, Paul Miller, Harry Singley) are currently recruiting parishioners to be a part of the vestry next year.Nominations are due by October 15, 2020.   Read Fr. Eric's note for details about the role of the vestry and qualifications necessary HERE.


Ministry Boards

Worship Ministry Board
Chair- Ricky Evans
Communicator - Bobbie Fuchs

Outreach Ministry Board
Chair- Ruth Smith
Communicator - Cathie Courtnage

Faith Formation Ministry Board
Chair - Nan Bush
Communcator - Deborah Miller

Finance and Facilities Ministry Board
Chair - Don Halbert
Communicator - Margaret Bearden

Parish Life Ministry Board
Chair - Linda Humphreys
Communicator - Tink Shelton

Pastoral Care Ministry Board                          Chair - Pam Hayes                                  Communicator - Janet Fox