Parish Life Ministries

The Parish Life Ministry plans, develops and implements programs and activities that enhance, encourage and support the people of St. Philip's  in collaboration with the clergy, the vesty and members of the other 5 ministry boards.  

This ministry plans and executes various social events for St. Philip's.The social events include the Annual Meeting luncheon in December, Brunswick Towne Picnic in May and the Welcome Back lunch in September.  There are also other events during the year including New Members/Newcomer's welcome parties, special events like receptions and the lunch for our choir at Easter.
Gather Round the Table
This is the St. Philip's Dine In/Dining Out Program.This is a chance to gather with other members of the parish for meals and fellowship.
Newcomers/New Members Ministry

Members of this ministry are responsible for making all visitors feel welcome in St. Philip's. Guests are welcomed by greeters who give them gift bags full of information about St. Philip's. Visitors are invited to come for coffee after the service and to fill out an information card.

This ministry also helps new members become active members of the church.  The new members are educated about and encouraged to take part in the Ministries of St. Philip’s.  There are also events that give them an opportunity to interact in small groups

ECW - Episcopal Church Women
ECW is comprised of all the women in St. Philip's who are committed to one another and to Christ. Through monthly luncheons, a Fall Festival, UTO boxes and presentations, the lives of the women of St. Philip's are enriched.  The money raised through the Fall Festival helps fund local charities.
Men's Club
All men of St. Philip's are welcome.  
Contact Information

Please contact the church office for further information.

 910-457-5643 or