Parish Life Ministries

The Parish Life Ministry assists the Rector in overseeing the pastoral care needs of the congregation of St Philip's in a timely, effective and compassionate manner.  Groups under the Commission include Daughters of the King, Stephen Ministry, The Bereavement Group and the recently reorganized Care teams.


Bereavement is a support group committed to prayer and healing for those mourning the death of a loved one.  Many grieving people find they are only beginning the work of healing when friends or family have returned to their daily life routine. It is important to have a network of support during this time.  

This support group is offered periodically as the need arises. If you have any questions or would like to paricipate in this group, please call Fr. TJ at the church office at 910-457-5643. 

Daughters of the King
The Daughter's of the King is a religious order of women who undertake a personal rule of life incorporating a rule of prayer and a rule of service.  Each member pledges herself to a lifelong program of prayer, service, and personal evangelism.  Our chapter meets monthly at St. Philip's in the Parish Hall.  How can you get involved???  We currently have 46 members.  We welcome new members; interested women should contact any Daughter of the King.  We are easily recognized by our unusual silver cross we wear.  For more information contact Sharon Sands through the Parish office.
Health Equipment Library
St. Philip's has available, free of charge, a number of items of healthcare equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, tub seats, etc.) that can be borrowed by parishioners.  This equipment is generously provided by other members of the congregation.  If you are in need of any such equipment, please contact Michele Barkalow through the Parish office .
We are the ministry that plans and executes various social events for St. Philip's.
Neighborhood Care Teams
Neighborhood Care Teams are made up from the parish directory list and at this time there are 20 areas with at least one care team leader for each area.  It is the goal of the team leaders to make contact with team members to see if help is desired with need for food in times of illness or death, prayer requests, transportation to church or appointments, respite relief for short periods of time for caregivers, need for help with small jobs, communication or information about church functions to be passed on or just to say a friendly “hello”.  Contacts may be made by e-mail, phone calls, or letters from a leader.  If you are new or wish to be contacted by your neighborhood team leader please call the church office and leave a message for Barbara Edwards…
Stephen Ministry
The Stephen Series logo symbolizes that we all are broken people and that it is through the cross of Jesus that we are made whole. "Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn" - Romans 12:15.  Our Rector will always be on the front line of care, especially during times of crisis.  But there are always many more needs for ongoing, one-to-one care than our minister can effectively handle alone.
What is Stephen Ministry?
Some members of our congregation have been trained to provide confidential, one-on-one Christian care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.  These are times when you could benefit from the support of a caring Christian friend.
We all experience challenges in life, times when we could benefit from the support of a caring Christian friend.  Stephen Ministers are ready to provide the emotional and spiritual care we need when faced with a crisis such as:
  • loss of a loved one
  • hospitalization
  • divorce or separation
  • loneliness or discouragement
  • spiritual crisis
  • unemployment or a job crisis
  • a terminal illness
  • aging
  • a chronic illness
  • relocation
  • birth, adoption, miscarriage or infertility
  • recovery after an accident or disaster
  • alone in the house
  • incarceration

Stephen Ministry is a confidential ministry:  The identity of those receiving care and what takes place in each caring relationship remain private.
How do I get connected to a Stephen Minister?
If you or someone you know could benefit from a Stephen Minister please contact the church office at 910-457-5643.  A Stephen Leader will contact you. 
How do I become a Stephen Minister?
Each applicant is carefully selected when they express an interest in becoming a Stephen Minister.  If you are interested in learing more about becoming a Stephen Minister Please contact the church office at 910-457-5643 and a Stephen Leader will contact you.
Contact Information

 Please contact the church office for further information.

 910-457-5643 or