Outreach Ministry Board

Chairman : Deborah Alt

Co- Chair - Open

Communicator: Nancy Corsi


The mission of the Outreach Board is to be God's hands and feet and to show His love by sharing His gifts with all of His children in need. 


Important Informational Articles

Please use the links below to read about the important topics being explored by the Outreach Ministry Board.

Opioid Addiction Awareness

Brunswick Homelessness

Slavery is Alive and Flourishing in America


The Face of Homelessness

Use the following link to view the presentations by StreetReach, Brunswick Housing, Habitat for Humanity and WARM given 5/17/18 in the Sanctuary. Open the link to find out how YOU can get involved and help.


The Face of Homelessness Presenatition https://youtu.be/2a7ihqHYPLg



Contact Information

 Please contact the church office for further information.

 910-457-5643 or  info@stphilipschurch.org

Roles and Responsibilities

The function of the Outreach Ministry Board is primarily to coordinate all Outreach ministries and make decisions as to new directions as they are brought to the attention of the Board.  In this way, people who are actively involved in outreach ministries will be empowered to make decisions about Outreach.  

Outreach Ministries can be coordinated and reflect the best thinking of those who are called to minister beyond our walls to the community and the world.  The Board will coordinate with the Finance and Facilities Board such that all Outreach will come from "St. Philip's Church" rather than from individual ministries within the church.

Ministry contacts:

Episcopal Relief and Development - 

Brunswick Partnership for Housing - Sally Learned

Interfaith Fellowship -  Margaret Melando

Men's Club - OPEN

ECW - Jane Mitchell

Mission Fund - Rich Alt

Opioid Task Force - Fr. Bill Eberle

Diaper Ministry - Maryann Darzano

Virgina Williams Elementary School -  OPEN

Belize Ministry - Shirley Desnoyers  and George Ball 

Terra Bella Services - Pam Hayes 

Food Pantry - Harry Singley



Outreach Board Grant Application

Please use the following link to download an Outreach Board Grant Application.


Outreach Endowment Minutes
ECW - Episcopal Church Women Minutes