Ministry Board

Chairman: Nan Bush ( or 860-543-3034

Communicator : Tom Griffin ( or 910-540-2501

Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton Lecture Series

9:30 AM 


The Discovery of Soul and Spirit - Video Link -

 10:45 AM


The Discovery of Kingdom and Insight - Video Link -

 11:45am -1:00pm


LUNCH BREAK (Option: bag lunch $5; order when registering, cash or check at the door *)

 1:00 PM


The Discovery of Forgiveness and Mercy - 

Video Link - Part 3 A -

Video Link -  Part 3 B   -               

 Video Link - Part 3C  -

 2:15 PM


The Discovery of Glory and Mind  - Video Link -

Roles and Responsibilities

The Faith Formation ministries demonstrate the intentionality of St. Philip’s people “to bring Christ to life through our lives” by building, strengthening, and maintaining a genuine understanding and practice of Christian faith and spirituality.

CHILDREN’S CHURCH:  Jennifer Williams, 523-1391,

NURSERY: Jennifer Williams

YOUTH: Currently inactive


  • Sunday Adult Christian Education: Canon James Hanisian
  • Bible 101: the Rev. Lowe Davis, 340-201-6620
  • Wednesday Bible: Nan Evans Bush, 201-1484.
  • Seekers: Nan Bush

LIBRARY:  Deborah Miller,

LABYRINTH: Debbie Evans, 269-1313,,  269-1313

STEWARDSHIP: Bill Carney, chair, 301-351-2450,

YOGA AND MEDITATION: Pat Pittenger, 457-4488.


Bible Verses
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