Ministry Board

Chairman - Ricky Evans ( or 910-232-0336

Communicator - Bobbie Fuchs ( or 910-465-6295

Verger Blessing

Ricky Evans - St. Philip's Verger - is a member of an exclusive group and is a Fellow of the Guild of Vergers. The video below shows the special blessing of the Verge.   

Roles and Responsibilities

The central focus of the Worship Ministry Board is to make the worship experience meaningful for everyone and to facilitate the smooth flow of our services. 

The various parts of the worship service are facilitated by:

Flower Guild - Jan Fairley (

Altar Guild - Janet Wester (

Ushers - Gene Myers (

Choir - Debbie Skillman (

Schedulers - Lorraine Beamer (

Acolytes - Erinn Hughes (

Beach Ministry - Peter del Sol (

Clergy - Fr. TJ Tetzlaff (

Bible Verses
Click here for the Bible verses file.