The Mission Fund

The Mission Fund is a segregated, restricted fund itemized on the Financial Statement of St. Philip's.

The Fund has two accounts: 1) Outreach Account; 2) Capital Account.

Management of these two accounts is vested in the St. Philip's Mission Fund Management Team. The "Outreach Account" is for the purposes of outreach locally, nationally, and abroad. The "Capital Account" is for exceptional capital needs.

Mission Fund Grant Application forms are available by contacting:

P.O. Box 10476
Southport, North Carolina 28461
(910) 457-5643

For further assistance, contact the Rector or any member of the Management Team.

Treasurer Ministry

The Treasurer is an officer of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church appointed by the Vestry and is accountable to the Rector and the Vestry.

Treasurer responsibilities include:

  • Ensure that financial operations are in accordance with national and diocesan canons and state and federal laws;
  • Provide oversight for all St. Philip’s organizations’ financial activities;
  • Coordinate the development of an annual budget;
  • Ensure that all revenues are collected, deposited and accounted for in a timely manner;
  • Ensure that all invoices are approved, paid and recorded in a timely fashion;
  • Participate in the oversight of the investment of St. Philip’s funds;
  • Provide periodic reports of financial activities to the Rector, Vestry, ministry boards, and congregation;
Arrange for an annual audit of church financial records
The Endowment Ministry

The Endowment Ministry will work with parishoners to create permanent endowments that will generate income to support the various activities of St. Philip's. These endowments may serve to honor loved ones by creating yearly contributions to support costs associated with the annual budget or specific activities of the Church to include the Altar Guild, Stephen Ministry, or other vestry approved ministries of St. Philip's.