St. Philip's Endowment Program

Planting Seeds on Fertile Ground

 We each plant seeds as we journey through life.   As Jesus noted in the parable of The Sower, it is those seeds that have fallen upon fertile ground that grow and yield “a hundredfold.”  The seeds we sow spring forth over time and mark our paths through life. Your support of St. Philips, in all of its various manifestations, marks your spiritual path in our parish community. 

With our collective journey in mind, the Finance and Facilities Committee has created an Endowment Program for St.  Philips.  This exciting new program invites you to consider how you can ensure that your journey continues to yield support for St. Philips in perpetuity.  Plant a seed that will continue its yield over time.

For details, please contact the Church office.

Last Published: February 19, 2020 1:56 PM