Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education opportunities vary throughout the year including a new opportunity Tuesday mornings at 9:00 AM in the Parish Hall.  

Each Sunday morning (except the first Sunday of the month) Father Eric and Father TJ will conduct an Adult Christian Education Class in the Main Sanctuary from 9-10 AM.

We have chosen the time between the services so that people who attend either will not have to make a special trip back to church.  Each Sunday's presentation will build on things discussed in prior weeks, so it is important to make an effort to be present Sunday by Sunday.

Use the links below to watch the video of the presentations.


History and Structure of the Episcopal Church
 The Diocese and how we do things (2/26/17)

 How an Episcopal Parish is Organized (3/5/17)

 The National Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion (3/12/17)

Characteristics of a Family-size Congregation (6/4/17) 

 The Characteristics of a Pastoral-size Congregation (7/2/17)

PowerPoint Slides

The Characteristics of a Program-size Congregation (8/6/17)

The History of the Church (the Old Testament)  3/11/18   

The History of the Church (the New Testament) 3/18/18      



Faith Formation

 How the Bible was Canonized (PowerPoint Slides)(4/3/17) 
The History of the Oxford Movement (3/26/17)

Christian Stewardship and You (8/27/17)

 The Daily Office (9.17.17)   

(editing in progress)         
Stewardship (10.15.17)

Stephen Ministry (10.29.17)   

Instructed Eucharist Part I (1.7.18)    

The Book of Ruth (1.14.18) 

The Book of Esther (1.21.18)

The Book of Philemon (1.28.18)

Instructed Eucharist (2.4.18)

This was recorded during the regular service at 3 different points.   Part 1   Part II   Part III

Instructed Eucharist (3.4.18)

This was recorded during the regular service at 2 separate points.     Part I     Part II

What St. Paul Really Said About Women  (Pt 1) 

What St. Paul Really Said About Women (Pt II)

Deacons and What They Do

Fr. TJ - Camino (7/8/18)

The Book of the Prophet Obidiah (7/15/18)

The Book of the Prophet Hosea (7/22/18)
Hosea Document
Heaven (8.5.18)
Heaven Document

Hell (8.12.18)
Hell Document
Sin and Redemption (8.19.18)
Sin and Redemption Document

Human Nature (8.26.18)
Human Nature Slides

Stephen Ministry (11.4.18)    

September 11th (11.18.18)   

The Book of Common Prayer   


St. Philip's Future Planning

Hallmarks of Health for a Congregation (4/23/17) 

Analysis of Hallmarks of Health Survey; Why is there a St. Philip's (5/21/17) 

Now that Fr. Reggie is leaving... (6/11/17)

The Strategic Plan (9.24.17)   

 Reorganization (10.8.17)   

Reorganization / Ministry Boards (10.22.17)
Report from the Discernment Committee (4.29.18)

Ministry Boards and What They Do (6.10.18)   

Renewal Works Committee Report  (6.24.18)         

Strategic Plan 2.0 (7.29.18)     
Progress Report from the Moose Lodge (10.21.18)   

Budget and Stewardship (10.28.18)   

Tranisitioning to Fr. Eric Mills (12.16.18)



Introducing the Mills (2.17.19)   

"Moments of Grace" with Fr. Eric and Sue Mills


End of Life Series

Regardless of your age or health, spending some time to document how you would like to be cared for at the end of your life can be a gift to the rest of your family.  It can provide them an opportunity to focus on their grief without having to guess about your wishes.   


Preparing for the End (11.12.17) - Last Rites and                          Funerals

                                                                                                        (handouts available upon request)                                                         

Planning to Die (11.19.17) - Your wishes


                                                                                                         (handouts availabale upon request)
Writing Your Obituary (11.26.17) -Wills and Obituaries

                                                                                                           (handout available upon request)



Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered   12.10.17

(Due to equipment problems, only the first 20 minutes were recorded)

Your Questions Answered  12.17.17                  

I Wonder.... Your Questions Answered 2.11.18   

I Wonder.... Your Questions Answered 2.18.18   

I Wonder... Your Questions Answered 2.25.18   

I Wonder...Your Questions Answered 5.6.18 

Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton
I Wonder... Your Questions Answered 7.9.18   

I Wonder.... Your Questions Answered 11.25.18   

I Wonder... Your Questions Answered 12.23.18



General Informational Topics

How to Use the Website and E-News                                          Handouts Available in the Office                                                                                   

We will publicize topics for the following weeks as we continue to lead us through the processes that will result in both restructing and criteria for our Rector Search.You can watch video recordings of this series by clicking on the links above.

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